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Wisconsin lawmaker says mitigating COVID-19 is impossible—for the most ridiculous reason yet

If these shambolic future remains can not obtain their huge muffin at Perkins without showing they’re not rippling viral flesh-bags, why the fuck did we also trouble to attack Iraq to shield our liberties?

However why also fret about the infection? Besides, it’s undetectable! Below’s state Rep. Treig Pronschinske (in Wisconsin, that name is approximately as prominent as “John Smith”) suggesting that there’s no factor in attempting to quit the infection because, well, you can not see it. As well as yet in some way the GOP’s undetectable god is mosting likely to shield them from the grisliest feasible end results.



PRONSCHINSKE: “So you ask what are we mosting likely to do to quit the spread of the pandemic, and also, you understand, you can not see the infection. You can not see anything. Exactly how are you going do it? Exactly how can you quit it? Exactly how? You literally can not see the infection. You do not understand if it remains in this area or it’s outdoors or if it also exists today in below. You have no idea. Exactly how are you mosting likely to quit that?”

Oh, dear God, take me currently. However do not smite me with COVID-19. I do not intend to remain in the exact same waiting area as these pernicious pricks.

Provided, the omicron variation has actually transformed the video game rather as development infections get on the increase, also amongst the enhanced. However that does not indicate the immunized have the exact same possibility of capturing and also spreading out omicron as the unvaxxed. They don’t.  Additionally, possibly some company owner intend to be genuine Christians by motivating their consumers to take lifesaving procedures versus a dangerous microorganism. Feels like a better undertaking than attempting to transform gay individuals directly by rejecting them breads. However that’s simply me. What do I understand?

Naturally, Pronschinske does not see it by doing this. To him, the existing minute stimulates the ruthless battles of the civil liberties period, when Black individuals were victimized for being Black– not, to be clear, since they really did not seem like taking an additional journey to Walgreens.

WKOW-TV, Madison, Wisconsin:

Rep. Treig Pronschinske (R-Mondovi), a co-sponsor of the step, claimed the costs was an initiative to shield specific liberty. He claimed he was supportive to problems the expenses infringe on the civil liberties of company owner however suggested such plans might remove individuals from crucial solutions.

” That’s an issue, considering that side of organizations having the ability to decide,” Pronschinske claimed. “However when we check out supermarket or clinical centers, these are important points that individuals require to, you understand, enter into and also it would certainly be awful if, claim, all supermarket would certainly claim you need to be immunized.”

Would certainly it be awful, though? Is it anymore awful than informing individuals with syphilis to avoid of the red-light area till their antibiotic program is finished?

Additionally, I have actually been about enough time to bear in mind when traditionalists were simply a smidgen a lot more worried concerning infectious illness– also ones they had really little possibility of capturing.

Homophobia was even more most likely to contaminate them.

Hmm, appears they’re not being completely constant when it concerns their infection worries. Go number.

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