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WhatsApp private chat groups get EXPOSED again on Google search

Just days after rolling out its new policy obliging users to share their data with Facebook, WhatsApp has suffered an embarrassing privacy breach, with its private chat groups being indexed on Google’s search engine.

The privacy breach was reported on Sunday. Invite links to private WhatsApp messaging groups as well as some user profiles were indexed by Google and appeared in search results, essentially meaning anyone was able to join supposedly secure chats and see both chats and related phone numbers.


The issue was promptly addressed by WhatsApp, and the exposed links have now vanished from search results. The problem appeared to have been similar to a privacy breach of chats and user information reported in early 2020.

In the company’s statement about the breach, it insisted the app’s security has been greatly improved since last year’s leak, and implied that users themselves had been to blame for the weekend’s Google spillover.

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