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WATCH: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: 186 Legislators From 39 States Call For 50 State Audit

Arizona State Legislator Wendy Rogers showed up on with Brannon Howse and also Expense Federer today to offer an upgrade on the Arizona audit.

Legislator Rogers’ ‘Audit 50 States Letter’ is swiftly obtaining trademarks from state lawmakers that accept political election stability in virtually every state.

Rogers tweeted an upgrade on Monday, specifying that 186 lawmakers have actually currently joined.

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The checklist is expanding as extra lawmakers are stired up to the huge lie of the 2020 Presidential Political election.

Legislator Rogers contacts each and every single American to authorize her petition to decertify the deceptive 2020 political election and also for each American to send her the names of their lawmakers to [email protected]

Rogers: Whatever state you’re from, I make sure you recognize state legislators and also state agents that accept political election stability. They require to, if they have not currently, authorize my Audit 50 States Letter. We have virtually 200 endorsers. State legislators or State Home Reps, or in some states, they’re called delegates require to authorize this letter. As well as what this letter states is that we the state lawmakers in the nation have actually been enhanced with the plenary power to manage the United States Presidential Political Election per our United States Constitution. Our starting dads were really sensible. As well as they recognized that we the state legislatures are closest to individuals. So, I require you to send me names of state legislators and also state agents you recognize that accept political election stability, and also that wish to remember the electors of your state if there was corruption located. To put it simply, they wish to dig, learn the fact of what took place in your state, and also take the following action.

I require you to send out those names of those state legislators or state agents, that you recognize would certainly authorize my letter to the complying with e-mail address,[email protected] As well as what you state is “Legislator Rogers, I have these 2 or 3 names right here. I recognize these state lawmakers and also I recognize that they accept political election stability and also they wish to learn the fact of what took place in our state.” Due to the fact that allow me simply hint you in people, also if your state opted for Donald Trump, there was most likely still widespread corruption. Particularly in the metropolitan locations and also this is the spin that the left attempts to produce, that your state is transforming purple. It’s not transforming purple. They’re preparing guides, and also they’re making you assume that to dissuade you. We need to obtain fact back right into our system.

The Portal Expert reported that it has actually been greater than 2 months given that Brnovich got damning concrete proof, consisting of video clip proof of people erasing political elections documents.

Arizona Political Election Scams: 2 Months After They Were Identified Unlawfully Erasing 2020 Political Election Records, 3 People Continue To Be Unpunished, Unknown and also Uncharged by AG Mark Brnovich

Mark Brnovich still has actually not done anything to penalize the criminal activity of the century and also Arizona is tired of waiting.

Regardless of where you live, authorize Arizona State Legislator Wendy Rogers’ petition to decertify the fraudulent 2020 election, send out names of solid state lawmakers to [email protected], and also contact Arizona Chief Law Officer Mark Brnovich to require political election fraudulence charges.

Call AG Mark Brnovich

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