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Trump-Hating Lincoln Project Takes Credit for Tiki Torch False Flag Stunt Against Youngkin Campaign

The Lincoln Task, a team of pyscho Trump-hating Republican operatives, provided a declaration Friday mid-day declaring credit rating for the incorrect flag Tiki lantern feat Friday early morning in Charlottesville that targeted the project of Republican prospect for guv Glenn Youngkin. (Update at end, a liberal lobbyist declares co-credit.)

The feat was reported by WVIC-TV press reporter Elizabeth Holmes that reported the operatives stated something like, “We’re done in for Glenn,”
as they developed up before the Youngkin project bus parked outside an occasion at a Guadalajara Dining Establishment in Charlottesville.

The little team of incorrect flag operatives was consisted of 3 White males, a White female and also a Black guy, worn matching white gown t shirts, tan khaki pants, sphere caps and also sunglasses with each lugging Tiki lanterns claiming to be Youngkin advocates reenacting the well known 2017 White nationalist Tiki lantern Unify the Right march in Charlottesville.

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The McAuliffe project and also the Virginia Democratic Event each provided declarations rejecting participation in the incorrect flag feat.

The Lincoln Project statement intimidates even more Tiki lantern demonstrations and also duplicated the “fine people on both sides” lie concerning Head Of State Trump as a factor for the incorrect flag feat. The team did not provide evidence of participation, exposing the inquiry of whether Democrat operatives were entailed.

October 29, 2021– Today, The Lincoln Task launched the complying with declaration:

” Glenn Younkin has actually stated: ‘Head of state Trump stands for a lot of why I am running.’ Youngkin verifies it everyday by attempting to separate Virginians utilizing racial code name like Crucial Race Concept and also sustaining a restriction on instructing the jobs of America’s only Black Nobel laureate.

” The Lincoln Task has actually run ads highlighting the hate released in Charlottesville along with Glenn Youngkin’s ongoing failing to knock Donald Trump’s ‘extremely great individuals on both sides.’ We will certainly remain to attract this comparison in program video clips, on our social media sites systems, and also at Youngkin rallies.

” Today’s demo was our method of advising Virginians what took place in Charlottesville 4 years earlier, the Republican politician Event’s accept of those worths, and also Glenn Youngkin’s failing to condemn it.

” The Youngkin project is infuriated by our suggestion of Charlottesville for one easy factor: Glenn Youngkin desires Virginians to neglect that he is Donald Trump’s prospect.

” We will certainly remain to hold Glenn Youngkin responsible. If he will certainly knock Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters had ‘extremely great’ high qualities, we’ll take out the tiki lanterns. Till after that, we’ll be back.”

For the record, Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville protests made on August 15, 2017.:

Press Reporter: “Mr. Head of state, are you placing what you’re calling the alt-left and also white supremacists on the exact same ethical aircraft?”

Trump: “I’m not placing anyone on an ethical aircraft. What I’m claiming is this: You had a team on one side and also you had a team on the various other, and also they came with each various other with clubs– and also it was savage and also it was dreadful. And also it was an awful point to see.

” However there is one more side. There was a team on this side. You can call them the left– you simply called them the left– that came strongly striking the various other team. So you can claim what you desire, yet that’s the method it is.

Press Reporter: (Faint) “… both sides, sir. You stated there was disgust, there was physical violence on both sides. Are the–“

Trump: “Yes, I assume there’s blame on both sides. If you check out both sides– I assume there’s blame on both sides. And also I believe concerning it, and also you do not have any type of question concerning it either. And also if you reported it properly, you would certainly claim.”

Press Reporter: “The neo-Nazis began this. They turned up in Charlottesville to object–“

Trump: “Excuse me, excuse me. They really did not place themselves– and also you had some extremely negative individuals because team, yet you likewise had individuals that were extremely great individuals, on both sides. You had individuals because team. Excuse me, excuse me. I saw the exact same photos as you did. You had individuals because team that existed to object the removing of, to them, a really, extremely vital statuary and also the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to one more name.”

Press Reporter: “George Washington and also Robert E. Lee are not the exact same.”

Trump: “George Washington was a servant proprietor. Was George Washington a servant proprietor? So will George Washington currently shed his condition? Are we mosting likely to remove– excuse me, are we mosting likely to remove statuaries to George Washington? Exactly How around Thomas Jefferson? What do you consider Thomas Jefferson? You like him?”

Press Reporter: “I do like Thomas Jefferson.”

Trump: “Okay, great. Are we mosting likely to remove the statuary? Since he was a significant servant proprietor. Currently, are we mosting likely to remove his statuary?

” So you understand what, it’s great. You’re altering background. You’re altering society. And also you had individuals– and also I’m not discussing the neo-Nazis and also the white nationalists– since they must be condemned absolutely. However you had many individuals because team aside from neo-Nazis and also white nationalists. Okay? And also journalism has actually treated them definitely unjustly.

” Currently, in the various other team likewise, you had some great individuals. However you likewise had troublers, and also you see them include the black attire and also with the safety helmets, and also with the baseball bats. You had a great deal of negative individuals in the various other team.”

UPDATE: Liberal lobbyist Lauren Windsor declares co-credit:

” In my ability as an interactions specialist, I functioned [email protected] to work with today’s Youngkin activity in Charlottesville. I join them in the battle to safeguard our freedom from rightwing extremists and also require Glenn Youngkin to knock Trump’s ‘extremely great individuals.”

History by means of NY Times, “An Arkansas citizen that was increased near Nashville, Ms. Windsor in her experiences dials up her Southern accent and also poses as a dewy-eyed conventional, occasionally in a MAGA hat. It urges political leaders to “mansplain” to her, she stated.”

More upgrade: After supporting the incorrect flag feat Friday early morning, the McAuliffe project provided a brand-new declaration knocking it, “What took place today is horrible and also horrible and also we condemn it in the best terms. Those entailed must promptly say sorry.”

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