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This Week in Statehouse Action: Whiplash edition

As an erudite customer of this missive, you’re most likely currently mindful that Republicans won all 3 of Virginia’s statewide constitutional workplaces on Tuesday, and also Democrats shed their bulk in your home of Delegates.

Project Activity.

A 50-50 incorporate your home is not likely, yet still not entirely unreachable for Democrats.

Provisionary tallies and also tallies postmarked by/on E-day supplied prior to noontime on Friday begin obtaining counted tomorrow mid-day.

In 2020, this led to around 120,000 additional votes counted statewide.

Certainly this isn’t exactly how it functions, yet if that number were to hold this year and also were split amongst all 100 Residence seats, that would certainly be 1,200 even more enact each area.

As well as with control of your home based on the last end result in a handful of races with a margin of simply a pair hundred ballots, these as-yet-uncounted-but-properly-cast-and-extremely-legal tallies will certainly identify whether Republican politicians take a straight-out bulk (the chamber make-up since this writing is 48 D/52 R) or whether we wind up with a 50-50 connection.

Reducing a seven-seat loss to a five-seat loss is no mean accomplishment, and also while I’ll absolutely be complying with very closely, I’m not obtaining my hopes up. (Actually, my cash at this moment gets on a 49-51 chamber, which is precisely where Democrats were simply 2 years earlier.)

However suppose Democrats do wind up holding 2 seats and also your home assembles in January as a connected chamber?

So happy you asked!

If Democrats and also Republicans go to parity in the 100-seat Residence, Virginia’s code and also constitution supply no advice or device for damaging connections.

… unlike the state Us senate, where a 20-20 connection (on every little thing beyond budget plan regulations) is damaged by the lieutenant guv, that additionally commands the chamber. (Extra on Virginia’s inbound LG in a little bit.)

This situation would certainly be not entirely without precedent ( and also you can learn more concerning the scraggy background of it below, if you’re so likely), so while there are couple of set policies regulating the circumstance, we have a respectable suggestion of exactly how it may be dealt with.

Background recommends that of the complying with circumstances will certainly occur:

  1. Democrats attempt every strategy and also method in guide to postpone seating among the brand-new Republican participants till they can choose a Dem as audio speaker. Republican politicians will certainly groan in exemplary outrage, and also both celebrations will certainly get in a power-sharing contract comparable to a design template from … 1998.
  2. Democrats and also Republicans in some way accept choose a concession Residence audio speaker, whose power will likely be constricted by certain policies, and also they’ll after that participate in a power-sharing contract.

Okay, situation 3 isn’t truly in the cards, yet the factor continues to be that there’s no chance to recognize with any kind of assurance exactly how this circumstance is mosting likely to clean.

Anyhow, you’re possibly not below for political election outcomes, yet it deserves keeping in mind that Democrats fell short to turn a solitary GOP-held seat (though Biden won a handful held by Republicans simply a year ago).

On the other hand, Republicans turned at the very least 5 Dem-held seats, perhaps as numerous as 7.

The previous number of days have actually seen a great deal of teeth-gnashing and also garment-rending (… figuratively, I assume), which is reasonable– shedding the power provided by holding a legal chamber bulk draws, and also twice as so when you recognize you have actually additionally shed an examine the schedule of the inbound Republican guv.

I assume people anticipated it from me, also– besides, I’m an indigenous Virginian, and also I obtained my beginning in state national politics in the Virginia Democratic Caucus.


National politics is progressively a service of brief memories and also much shorter interest periods, yet truthfully, one does not need to cast back specifically much to remember a time when Democrats were greatly even worse off in Virginia.

I imply, it was a simple 4 years ago that Dems in the republic went into Political election Day with simply 34 Residence participants out of 100.

However, all right, Virginia additionally had an Autonomous guv at that time.

So allow’s cast back simply a little bit additional.

It’s November 2009. Virginia Residence Democrats simply shed 5 seats in a landslide political election that additionally chose Republican Bob McDonnell guv, and also they roll right into the following legal session with simply 39 participants.

Currently that was a terrible sensation.

Which had not been also Virginia Residence Dems’ low point! That was back in 2001, when they won simply 31 seats out of 100. (However at the very least Virginia had actually additionally simply chosen Mark Detector as its very first Autonomous guv in 8 years.)

Anyhow, my factor is, I’m in fact way much more utilized to frustrating Virginia legal political election outcomes than favorable ones.

However the takeaway below is this: Viewpoint.

Yes, it draws. Yes, it’s frightening.

As well as I’m certainly currently stressing concerning which civil liberties and also securities Democrats invested the previous 2 years broadening and also enhancing will certainly obtain gutted by GOP exec orders.

However we have actually been below prior to.

We’ll be below once again.

Since at the very least this political election with any luck ultimately close the waste Beltway trope that “Virginia is a blue state currently” that arised after Barack Obama won the republic a 2nd time in his 2012 reelection.

Any individual that’s focused on Virginia state national politics for greater than a number of years and/or has in fact hung around beyond Northern Virginia recognizes that, while the republic might have ended up being dependably blue in statewide government political elections, it just purpled in down-ballot races.

Currently with any luck everybody else will certainly capture on.

Possibly you’re questioning exactly how this took place. Just how did Democrats shed 5 or 6 or 7 seats in a solitary evening?

That’s still cleaning. Every person that’s declaring they recognize what took place at this moment teems with crap.

However an eager onlooker can currently indicate a couple of points that certainly factored in:

Early, hostile costs. The Republican Politician State Management Board started running TV ads in some of the seats the GOP flipped way back in August.

National board financial investment: According to the RSLC, the RNC made a “historical financial investment” right into electronic advertisements, texting, and also direct-mail advertising in “crucial areas.”

If the DNC bought Virginia legal races this year, I would certainly enjoy for somebody to react and also remedy the document. However I recognize of no such financial investment, and also the present passenger of the White Residence and also the conventional holder for the Democratic Event didn’t even bother to make endorsements until just two weeks prior to the election.

( The DLCC, ever before doing yeoman’s job, pumped over $2.3 million into these races, plus team time and also sources, training, and also much more.)

As well as, naturally, the nationwide political environment– though I’ll pass away on capital of it not being dispositive in state legal races– certainly developed a headwind for Autonomous prospects.

However that’s rather adequate background. Time to look onward.

While your home of Delegates was the only Virginia chamber on the tally this year, it’s certainly time to fret about the state Us senate.

Yes, Democrats still have bulk control ( 21 D/19 R).

However that’s a really slim bulk.

As well as 3 creases are entering into play in the Us senate.

Their names are Winning Sears, Man Petersen, and also Joe Morrissey.

Winsome Sears made background today by ending up being Virginia’s very first lady (and also very first Black lady and also lady of shade) lieutenant guv.

Past due and also amazing by any kind of procedure.

However Sears is … not cool down.

See, I’m so old that I remember her quick job in your home of Delegates in the very early aughts.

As well as at that time, she was currently a conservative extremist that sustained … some unfavorable regulations.

She attempted to make protecting children from abuse more difficult.

She sustained a “stand your ground” measure prior to it was amazing.

As well as she joined to myriad bills created to obstruct ladies from getting abortions.

Extra just recently, Sears exposed herself to be a Trump acolyte (she acted as national chair of Black Americans to Re-elect the President simply in 2015).

She’s stridently versus reproductive civil liberties (still), opposes weapon safety and security legislations, and also sustains anti-public college plans like coupons and also supposed “college option.”

She’s on record as wishing to curtail the ballot civil liberties growths carried out by Democrats– the ones that she really did not appear to mind as she won her political election on Tuesday.

Anyhow, Sears will certainly currently be leading the Us senate and also damaging connections.

As Well As why are we bothered with incorporate a 21 D/19 R Us Senate?

Sens. Man Petersen and also Joe Morrissey.

First, Man.

Frustrating, yet usually talking, just a periodic thorn in the side of his fellow Democrats.

He’s absolutely not the only Dem in the Us senate with a contrarian touch, yet he certainly attracts attention for the regularity with which he brakes with the celebration– and also exactly how noisally he has a tendency to do it (grandstanding speeches, op-eds in significant state papers nowhere near his actual district, that example). Man has additionally demonstrated a willingness to trade his votes for key Democratic priorities for concessions in various other locations, and also simply this year, he damaged with the celebration greater than any kind of various other participant.

However Joe Morrissey.


Depending upon how much time you have actually read this missive, you might or might not have actually run into a previous rant versus this incredibly bad human being that in some way maintains making his back to the legislature.

Possibly you’re not familiar with “Fightin’ Joe” (his label, not mine), and also you’re questioning why this misbehaves.

Well, a close ballot subject to assistance from Joe Morrissey ought to definitely emphasize you out.

He’s a chaos Muppet that appears to enjoy creating chaos.

He’s devoted just to himself, and also he routinely shows that commitment– his very own celebration be damned.

It provides somebody that plainly thinks the policies do not relate to him the possibility to undercut state federal government if the state of mind strikes him.

As well as if you assume this a rough characterization of Joe Morrissey, after that … well, you do not recognize Joe.

I have actually explained his list misbehaviours in this room previously, and also if you truly intend to review all of it, welp, it’s all right below.

With receipts

Additionally, he’s certainly not a pro-choice lawmaker, which will definitely be a problem he elects on in the following number of years.


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