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“This Was a Setup – We Got Caught in the Middle of It”

Dominic Pezzola is an American patriot that mosted likely to the January 6 2021 objection to reveal his assistance for Head of state Trump much like one million fellow patriots that day. Pezzola after that later on mosted likely to the United States Capitol where he involved with the Capitol Cops. Dominic was jailed on January 15, 2021, as well as showed up in court that very same day. He begged innocent to 1-11 matters versus him on February 9th and after that once more on Might 29th. Dominic Pezzola continues to be apprehended in the DC Gulag, a political detainee of the left. He has actually not been offered his Constitutional right of a rapid test. The Left does not count on the United States Constitution.

Several points have actually been stated concerning Dominic Pezzola in the deceptive mainstream media, in Us senate Hearings, in Congress, as well as also from his really own discharged Public Protector (beforehand in his instance)– which total up to outright lies, aspersion, as well as false information.

Please check out, in his really own words, that he truly is as well as what he is everything about right here.

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On Thursday we talked with Dominic Pezzola in a call from jail.

Dominic began the discussion by giving thanks to The Entrance Expert for running his tale in December as well as aiding to elevate cash for his protection.

He after that informed us that every one of the J6 detainees have actually COVID after 2 guards brought it right into the jail device. The jail NEVER informed the J6 detainees that they were subjected to the infection. Dominic included,

” They never ever took any kind of security preventative measures, never ever did any kind of call mapping, never ever notified us. Absolutely nothing. So we wound up simply getting ill one at a time.”

Dominic after that informed general practitioner concerning just how the guys really feel deserted. The detainees likewise think the FBI was associated with the J6 rioting.

Yet we truly feel deserted up right here. We truly do. We have possibly a handful of individuals speaking up initially in the federal government as well as Republican politician Event. Ted Cruz took place recently asking the girl from the FBI concerning the FBI’s participation, as well as she would not address any one of it, which is great as admission to me … They’re not responding to. So why does not everybody pursue the FBI now as well as (go over) their participation? As well as why are individuals being in prison that could have perhaps been established that day?

This press reporter asked Dominic what he would certainly state to the Republican politician Event or Republican politician legislators today?

I would certainly state you see the means the Democrats rally around BLM as well as Antifa when they’re melting cities down as well as ruining individuals’s companies as well as simply creating mass mayhem as well as discomfort as well as mayhem in everybody’s lives … We involved the rally, we were opposing due to the fact that the political election was taken. I uncommitted what numerous will certainly inform me. I imply, the proof is frustrating. As well as it’s much like we do not see the very same sort of assistance that the Democrats offer to the terrorists left wing. As well as currently there’s a lot evidence appearing that the FBI was extensively entailed. I imply, they penetrated the evidence all the exploration we have actually seen.

Dominic after that took place to define the surprising video clip proof he has actually seen in his exploration!

Jim, you reached see several of the important things we have actually seen in our exploration. We have actually seen people with weapons, drawing weapons out of their waste as well as taking images. As well as people that lag the cops line murmuring with the polices, as well as 2 mins later on they’re with a club rioting. Individuals hanging back out of home windows … We have actually seen a lot that reveals the federal government has such a large function in this. As well as it’s much like we’re distressed due to the fact that we can not obtain the details out. I imply, if the general public were to see fifty percent of the video clips we have actually seen, I make certain there would certainly be a rallying cry to obtain us out.

As well as Dominic Pezzola blew up the Republican politician Event.

I’m simply really dissatisfied in the Republican politician Event for not taking a larger position. Also if several of us are guilty of something, our legal rights are being squashed over. Our humans rights are simply being shredded as well as included the trash. Nobody’s ever before been dealt with such as this. We can not obtain bond we can not obtain bond. We can not speak to our legal representatives. We do not obtain hairstyles. I have not seen my spouse as well as youngsters in a year, as well as none are making any kind of difficulty over it. I simply do not recognize it.

Ed Lang, the dad of J6 detainee Jake Lang, after that entered as well as stated his team currently has video clip of covert representatives blinking their badges to the cops that day. Ed states he has video clip of Capitol workers giving out baseball bats out of bag that day inside the Capitol.

So simply, you recognize, we’re making a docudrama, as well as I obtained some wonderful individuals benefiting me. We currently have FBI individuals. You can see their badges as they provide to the cops on video clip. As they go through the on January 1, go through the lines have actually removed the barriers. We’re doing a docudrama. I obtained some wonderful individuals benefiting me.

Dominic included this on the video clip he has actually seen of covert representatives that day.

Every video clip we have actually seen, you see individuals with earbuds as well as you see them interacting with hand signals. You’ll see them speaking right into either their layers or speaking to their wrist or speaking in the microphones … I am nearly 100% assured they have signal jamming tools at the resources due to the fact that nobody’s phones functioned. Nobody’s radios functioned when you obtained within 100ft of the resources … This was an arrangement. They began it right? We obtained captured in the center of it, and after that they’re billing us with points like civil condition as well as conspiracy theory. We were simply discovering ourselves. We were viewing ladies as well as senior as well as youngsters being captured in a crossfire, being splashed, as well as flash bombs being tossed at their heads. I do not recognize if you have actually read about the one person. There’s a report walking around the one person in fact obtained fired in the eye with a rubber bullet as well as eliminated him … A few of the people heard it on the various other flooring. He obtained fired in the eye with a rubber bullet as well as it went his mind as well as eliminated them. As well as they’re attempting to state it was a cardiac arrest.

God honor Dominic as well as the J6 political detainees.
You are not neglected.

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Below is a recording of our discussion.

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