The Rock: ‘America Needs to Bodyslam Trump Out’

MSNBC’s popular host Joe Barron can certainly smell what the Rock is cookin’.  Last week’s interview on the hit news discussion program Joe Barron Tonight with Joe Barron featured the megastar action hero giving his thoughts on the world of politics, and they were decidedly anti-Trump.

The former wrestler turned movie star even made it a point to use the term “bodyslam” in his calm, but forceful tirade, flexing his gigantic pecs like a gladiator to enforce his statements.  The Rock, real name Dwayne Hussain Johnson, wasn’t shy about his decidedly liberal attitude or his forceful contempt for America’s most Tax Fraudulent President.

“You want more Fast and Furious?  I’ll give you more Fast and Furious.  That pencil-neck weasel Trump has failed at everything he’s tried to do, and has only tried to bring the country backwards like a smashed up Charger with a transmission stuck in reverse.  How can anyone with even a pair of working brain cells support that pathetic morbidly obese cocklobbler?  Can anyone answer me that?  I mean, that incompetent idiot is dumber than the shitty sequel to ‘Walking Tall’.  And that’s a whole lotta dumb, right there.  The guy needs to be tossed against the ropes, bodyslammed, impeached at least two more times, and then suplexed so hard his mutant coked-up son will feel it.  Now.  Keep a lookout for ‘Jumanji 3 – Jack Black Falls Over Again’, coming out this summer.”

Johnson’s remarks have sparked outrage from the trumptard community, even though a large percentage don’t know who he is and believe he might be Congressman Corey Booker, and an even larger percentage assume he’s “illegal”, because brown.

Whatever the case may be, it looks as if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s corner just got a boost of three hundred and fifty pounds of pure man muscle.  And for their campaign, that’s an invitation to a hell of a Rampage.

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