Social Security Payments to End in 2024 Under Democrat Plan

Today House Democrats unveiled their plans to completely eliminate Social Security entitlements for seniors. Pelosi said the cuts would give the government more money to fund welfare benefits for immigrants and inner-city Americans. AOC also praised the plan:

“This will be a great plan. The boomers are dying off anyway, so why waste these funds on them? It’s just a bad investment. We need to look towards the future and not look back. The past is behind us. We will build a better America for all immigrants and people desiring of welfare.”

Republican Joe Barron criticized the plot:

“This is a ridiculous proposition. It actually seems like something that would come from a satire page designed to enrage ill-informed conservatives. It’s amazing how brazen Democrats are getting with these ideas and it shows how little they care for people of advanced age. They care more for the poor and illegals. Absurd!”

Ilhan Omar said the following of the evil scheme:

“These boomers don’t vote for us, so why should we help them? The quicker they die off, the more elections we will win. That’s the way I see it. Maybe if they vote for us, we will help them out a bit. You know, a little quid pro quo.”

This all just proves the Democrats are truly evil. They talk down to people who don’t support them and call them names. They truly only represent the people who voted for them and are not a party of all Americans. I am glad we have President Donald Trump, a president that doesn’t do such nonsense.

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