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Rep. Katie Porter takes down Big Oil with bags of rice and jars of M&Ms


Not Long After, Doorperson examined Mike Sommers, that works as head of state and also chief executive officer of the American Oil Institute (API). Sommers’ testimony was brief on concrete information regarding combating environment modification however long on assurances of minimizing ” exhausts while still giving economical, trustworthy power.” Much of what Sommers highlighted concentrated directly on remaining to utilize nonrenewable fuel sources and also fixing existing nonrenewable fuel source framework as opposed to taking the essential activity to remove hazardous exhausts. Doorperson zeroed in on the API’s behavior of renting huge swaths of land, a lot of which they have actually yet to manipulate.

The API has actually been determined regarding proceeding this method and also has called on the federal government to raise the leasing restriction that stops it from building up much more acres. It’s been a back-and-forth lawful fight in between the Biden management and also those testing the restriction. As well as it’s not such as the API does not have significant property on its hands. Doorperson kept in mind that the API regulates 13.9 million acres of government land it has yet to utilize. That’s as huge as the states of New Jacket and also Maryland incorporated.

Doorperson discovered an also far better picture of this by acquiring up huge sacks of rice. Each grain of rice stands for one acre, so it would certainly take 479 extra pounds to make up the government land API participants are remaining on. An unique shoutout to Doorperson’s vanity plate, which reviews “OVRSITE.”


The hearing Porter participated in on Thursday was entitled “Sustaining the Environment Dilemma: Revealing Big Oil’s Disinformation Project to avoid Environment Activity.” It started a bigger examination legislators are wishing will certainly compel nonrenewable fuel source firms to take liability for the methods which they remain to operate. “ The suggestion is for them to confess to the American individuals what they have actually done,” Rep. Ro Khanna told Reuters.

In the meanwhile, Americans are wishing Doorperson remains to subject the nonrenewable fuel source sector for its carelessness and also rejection to establish purposeful modification when faced with environment modification.


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