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President Trump Writes into Wall Street Journal on Stolen Election — Points Out the Obvious

Trump rallies in Pennsylvania in 2020

Former Head Of State Donald Trump created in to The Wall Street Journal Wednesday to proceed his promote the fact in the best criminal activity in American background– The Stolen 2020 Presidential Political Election.

Almost a year has actually passed and also also today a majority of American voters think the Democrats ripped off to win the 2020 political election and also just 39% think the political election was totally free and also reasonable.

Survey: 35 Percent Want 2020 Presidential Political Election Rescinded; Just 39 Percent Absolutely Believe Political Election Was ‘Free and also Fair’

This is from Head of state Trump’s letter to The Wall Street Journal.

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In your content “The Political election for Pennsylvania’s High Court” (Oct. 25), you mention the truth that a court mistakenly stated mail-in tallies can be counted after Political election Day. “This really did not issue,” you include, “due to the fact that Mr. Biden won the state by 80,555, however the nation is fortunate the political election had not been better. If the political election had actually held on a couple of thousand Pennsylvanians, the following Head of state may have been chosen by the united state High Court.” …

…” In fact, the political election was set up, which you, sadly, still have not determined. Right here are simply a couple of instances of exactly how determinative the citizen scams in Pennsylvania was:

* 71,893 mail-in tallies were returned after Nov. 3, 2020, at 8 p.m. None of these must have been counted according to the united state Constitution
* 10,515 mail-in ballots from individuals that do not feed on the Pennsylvania citizen rolls in any way.
* 20,000 excess citizens not yet made up by the Pennsylvania Division of State– even more ballots than citizens!
* Numerous hundreds of ballots illegally counted in trick … while GOP survey spectators tossed out
* 39,771 individuals elected that signed up after the Oct 19 target date”

On political election evening Head of state Trump led Joe Biden by 785,000 ballots.
Democrats operated in secured spaces for the following numerous days behind shut doors to offer Joe Biden the win.

The High Court and also Republican politician Celebration not did anything to conserve the republic.

Americans aren’t foolish and also recognize a rip off when they see one.

Trump Spokesperson Liz Harrington uploaded these nuggets from the content.

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