Pelosi Defers $2.2 Billion From Social Security to Cuomo’s Budget


Since the outbreak of the deadly pandemic crisis that’s been running rampant in the United States, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has been taking every opportunity he can to overshadow *President Trump and add his “expertise” to the conversation.  His constant, daily beseeching of aid for his especially-hard-hit state has become rote.  And now his friend Speaker Nancy Pelosi is handing out a favor.

Pelosi is no stranger to pillaging our social security money in fictional satire articles.  Even though it is literally impossible for her to do such a thing, the intellectually-troubled Trump supporting crowd will shoot up and spill their colostomy bags all over themselves to excoriate her about it every time because the Homestyle Buffet is still closed and the repeats of Big Bang Theory are finally becoming annoying.  Old people can’t understand jokes about Ray Palmer having a tiny dick.

Sandy Batt of New York’s Hey I’m Walkin’ Here magazine wrote a short essay on the Empire State and it’s treatment:

“On 9/11, New York had the sympathy of the whole country and the solidarity of US against those who wanted to destroy us.  Now that Trump is in the White House, suddenly the pretend patriots who run under his shorts sniffing his balls don’t care.  As long as the pandemic hasn’t reached Cousinhumper, Kentucky, they figure, Jesus will handle it.  If you needed any more proof that Trump is the worst *President in history, he’s basically encouraged his traitorous followers to split back to the Civil War battle lines.  That takes full on seditionist work.  You know, it almost makes it okay if Pelosi COULD take that money.  They deserve to lap up Alpo in their trailers.”

The fictional billions that the Speaker is functionally transferring will help shore up necessary aid and projects in New York, which is the number one state contributing to America’s tax base.  Trumpers would do well to remember that blue States and Democrats provide them with aid when they take too much oxy and need reviving drugs or get hit with a hurricane and need a place to stay, eat, and remain safe.  They’ll be thanking future President Cuomo.



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