Pedophile Hunters Catch Democrat State Rep Candidate Trying To Rape 14-Year-Old Boy

A Democrat Massachusetts State Representative former candidate has been caught on camera by a group of pedophile hunters attempting to meet up with an underage boy for sex.

The video shows Matt Trowbridge allegedly attempting to meet a boy — who he knew was only 14 — for sex. Instead of meeting the boy, however, the former Democrat politician was confronted by the pedophile hunters from Predator Poachers of Massachusetts.

The group does “To Catch A Predator” style stings and posts them on YouTube and has ensnared a number of Massachusetts pedophiles, publicly shaming them and taking them off our streets.

Below is the disturbing video of the Democrat political candidate attempting to groom a child and lure him into meeting for sex. Had the boy been an actual real child, there is no telling what the man might have done.

Warning, the text messages in the video and article below are disturbing.

Trowbridge ran for office as a Democrat in 2009, before dropping out due to “personal matters” in 2010.

Trowbridge sent sexually explicit messages to the person that he believed to be a 14-year-old boy before traveling to their house to prey on them.

While making plans to meet up with the underage boy, the predator asked the boy when his mother would be leaving, removing all plausible deniability that he believed he was speaking to an adult.

Unlike the majority of alleged predators caught in these pedophile stings, Towbridge did not try to talk his way out of it. He was smart enough to realize that there was no possible way to explain those messages and he ran for the hills and drove out of there as fast as he could.

Trowbridge has now deleted all of his social media. Earlier in the year, Predator Poachers of Massachusetts caught a police chief attempting to meet an underage boy for sex.

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