Nancy Pelosi Says She Will Definitely Impeach Trump Again When He’s Re-Elected

Old crazy drunk Nancy Pelosi has again vowed to try to overturn the will of the voters and impeach President Trump when he is re-elected. We’d say if, but, really, have you seen who those Democrats are putting up against him? Sleepy Joe doesn’t stand a chance so we’re calling this one now.

During the last impeachment, Speaker Pelosi stole $2.4 billion from the Social Security coffers in a failed witch hunt in a series of failed witch hunts. Those close to her believe that she thinks that she would have succeeded if she had a bigger war chest. She is projected to pilfer over $5 billion next time, which will be used in a media blitz called “Let’s just show the American public unedited snippets in full context of Trump being Trump” or LJSTAPUSIFCOTBT for short.

As part of the media blitz, financing for a nationwide outdoor media campaign is rumored to be in the initial stages of approval at a community bank in the Metro Phoenix area that will be set to launch in mid-November. There will literally be nowhere in the country that anyone will be able to go without being exposed to Pelosi using Trump’s own words and actions against him to try to sway America to her side.

Fortunately for the President and our great nation, there are millions of people so loyal to the President that cleanliness, bravery, facts, reason, intelligence, common sense, empathy, generosity, service, honesty, compassion, open discourse, humility, sincerity, understanding, trustworthiness, dependability, open-mindedness, wisdom, imagination, kindness, education, courtesy, Christian values, punctuality, culture, appreciation, tactfulness, realism, forgiveness, modesty, idealism, respect, patience, ethics, tolerance, responsibility, and maturity mean nothing. These great Americans won’t buy into this shameless propaganda.

We all know that the dumb liberals in San Francisco like Jackson Wayte, Jessica Harris, and Joe Barron would vote for a giant turd if it ran

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