John Wayne Jr. Donates Half of Dad’s Fortune to Trump 2020

If you’re old enough to remember the classics like True Grit. Rio Bravo, Brokeback Mountain, and Stagecoach, you probably remember megastar and Hollywood’s man’s man John Wayne.  No other figure before or since has demonstrated such a level of American heroism and patriotic bravado to become a real icon and moral example.

However, it’s actually the son of notorious serial murderer John Wayne Gacy who, as it turns out, is a relentless fan of President Donald Trump, calling him a “great example of the kind of true off-hand hatred of human life that my father exemplified.” 

John Jr., the only living heir to his father’s estate of nearly $631.70 in a local bank account as well as a large collection of antique clown paraphernalia has agreed to donate half of his inheritance to the Trump 2020 campaign to ensure: “The crawling slime that is humanity continues to get the suffering and agony it deserves.”

Close friend of the bastard son Joe Barron told the Queeferton Beacon that Gacy has always been a big admirer of Trump, even before his political career, and agrees that his father would indeed have the same kinship.

“He’s just about as creepy a guy as his father was, I’ll give you that.  Probably why both of the sadistic maniacs would and do back Trump.  Honestly, after watching the guy do his best to stalk and murder every American ideal for the past four years, that’s the kind of person it would have to take to still support him.  I know Johnny and Abigail Dahmer have been texting each other a lot.  They met at one of those rallies.  This is all some serious Steven King shit.  And Trump is Randall Flagg.”

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