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J6er Micajah Jackson CONFRONTS AZ Man Luke Robinson on Video Who Was in US Capitol with a Gun and Was LATER REMOVED from FBI Most Wanted List

Micajah Jackson was jailed in May 2021 as well as billed with going into the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. Micajah was additionally billed with disorderly, terrible access, showing in a Capitol, as well as being turbulent.

Micajah Jackson pleaded guilty to one fee– parading, showing, or picketing in the Capitol. His sentencing is arranged for February 25, 2022.

On Friday we obtained this e-mail from Entrance Expert viewers George: “I make certain you know Micajah Jackson, he is among Arizona’s maltreated J6 activists. He simply faced an additional person that obtained gotten rid of from the FBI’s most-wanted listing as well as had a weapon inside the Capitol.”

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Indeed. The FBI erased Luke Phillip Robinson#343 from their online list

Notification, they still have granny visualized as 342!

Micajah today faced Luke Phillip Robinson also known as. “Ginger Weapon” in Arizona. Robinson went to the Jan 6 demonstrations. Hehad a firearm and was wearing an earpiece The FBI later on eliminated him from their most-wanted listing.

Below is the records from today’s battle.

Micajah Jackson” Hey man, why were you eliminated # 343 from the FBI most-wanted listing?”

Luke Robinson: I do not understand. Hey man, can I speak to you hereafter? …

Micajah Jackson: Hey man.

Luke Robinson: Can you please wait a 2nd?

Micajah Jackson: Hey, we simply wish to know what’s taking place. We can aid you out. We intend to aid you. We require to find out what’s taking place.

Via The KFK Report:

Video Clip 2:

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