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Hillary Clinton Shares Video of Woman Saying She Wants To Assassinate President Trump


On Twitter, Hillary Clinton Retweets a video of women saying she wants to Assassinate president Trump. reports

Talk about fomenting violence. Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared a video on Twitter Monday of a woman proclaiming she will “shoot that a**hole, Trump.”

The video was originally shared by CBS’s Faith Salie, who said: “Today I had the honor to [sic] escorting my 104.5 year-old friend Ruth to vote. She was born before women had the right to vote. Her 1st vote was for FDR. Her dad died of the flu during the pandemic of 1918, when she was 2. This is her voting story today.

Do I want to vote?” the elderly woman said in the 12-second-video. “Yeah, I want to vote more than anything just today, before I shoot that a**hole Trump.”

Hillary Clinton jumped on the video, praising the woman and retweeting it with the message, “If Ruth can get out to vote, the rest of us don’t have much excuse. Let’s bring this home.

Considering Hillary is still the number one most disliked woman in America, she was predictably slaughtered in the comments.

Considering from whom this is coming, it is quite foreboding. Is Hillary sending a message to her team of assassins?” said Larry.

This nasty woman is filled with so much bile and hate that it has driven her insane. What’s worse is that her bile and hate is not just reserved for “the orange man” – she projects that hate onto anyone who does not subscribe to her tyrannical world view. One can almost understand why Bill is such a philandering tool after having committed himself to such a cold, stone hearted woman,” said Tabs Cat.

The earth’s temperature will spike briefly when Hitlery dies, due to a momentary backdraft as HeII’s temperature is increased to accommodate her arrival,” said RLA Bruce.

 “If Trump were to share a video of a woman wanting to shoot Hillary, he would be crucified by the media,” said ky_native.


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