FCC Fines Biden $15 Million for Saying Nasty Things About Trump During Debate

The first debate was a showcase of statesmanship versus bullying. Donald Trump was a true leader, taking the high road and sticking to the topics at hand while Joe Biden constantly interrupted and even went so low as to mock Donald Trump’s dead father. The debate showed Biden’s true colors.

Here is a brief transcript of Biden’s remarks during the debate

“Listen here you foul-faced f**k nugget. You’re a clown and you’re orange. That makes you an orange clown. So here’s the deal, you hear. Orange clowns can’t be president, so you lose, you dribble-mouthed halfwit fruitcake.”

It was so bad that the FCC has decided to get involved, fining Biden $15 million for violating federal laws against saying nasty words on television and saying nasty things about our President.

FCC spokeman, Joe Barron, issued the following statement about the FCC decision:

“Biden clearly violated federal law by saying some of the forbidden words on television. He actually said nearly all of them. Our team of beepers had to work overtime for that one.

Not only that, but Biden called our President a clown. That’s just a horrible thing to say. We have laws against that kind of speech. The President is to be respected at all times. Clearly, Biden lacks the class that President Trump has.

We hope that this fine will make Joe clean up his act, because it is very dirty.”

These were shocking words to hear from a Presidential candidate. Imagine how the media would react if Trump spoke over his opponent and mocked their dead relatives. They would call for his head!

What’s next? Will Biden be hovering behind Trump, breathing down his neck during the next debate?

At least the FCC is taking action against Biden’s foul remarks.


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