Confirmed: Trump Has Footage Of Hunter Biden Raping And Torturing Little Girls — Set To Release

Among Jones’ statements in the video he posted on Saturday, October 17:

We have total proof from over 10 sources triangulated

The FBI Director, Wray, over six months ago received the laptop that Giuliani has. He received the information, that’s confirmed, that shows thousands of photos of what appear to be underage girls and these are videos with Hunter Biden in them in China clearly being compromised with what appear to be pre-pubescent girls…

We have the documents. We have the New York Post.

Trump is finally laying out what it really is.

Other than printouts of articles by the New York Post and Fox News, Jones does not present any documentary evidence the tape will be released, nor does he provide even limited identification of his sources.

During the 30-minute video, while talking about the purported imminent White House release of a compromising video of the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Jones only refers to “my sources” and does not even show partially obscured images from the videos, which could be done digitally or with scraps of paper, so as to show Biden’s face, without violating rules or laws against broadcasting pornography. Jones goes on to say Biden is an asset of communist China, that news of the dangers of vaccines is being suppressed and that viewers should shop his store for nutritional supplements, t-shirts and other merchandise.

Lead Stories reached out to the spokesperson for Jones’ organization, InfoWars, to seek detailed confirmation of the claim beyond Jones’ general statements in the video that he had talked to his sources to confirm the White House was about to release the tape. Lead Stories also asked Jones’ spokesperson to clarify if Jones was telling the truth when he said it. Lead Stories will update this report, as appropriate, when Jones’ organization responds.

Jones is a serial fabricator of conspiracies in which shadowy elites get away with elaborate plots against democracy, against the survival of the United States and against American economic interests.

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