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Biden Struggles to Read Teleprompter, Forgets Name of Kansas City Mayor, Tells Made Up Story About Amtrak Conductor While Promoting Infrastructure Law (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday took a trip to Kansas City, Missouri to advertise his recently passed facilities legislation.

Moron Biden was bumbling about as quickly as he showed up to the Kansas City Location Transportation Authority.

” Where am I?” Biden asked as he mixed about.


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Biden’s speech hurt to view.

He can hardly review his teleprompter, failed to remember the name of the Kansas City Mayor (Quinton Lucas) as well as informed the comprised tale concerning the Amtrak conductor “Angelo.”

Biden’s very same, weary speech summarized:

  • Biden incorrectly asserted, “If you’re earning less than $400,000 a year, you’re not gon na have your tax obligations rise one solitary dime.”
  • Biden duplicated the phony tale concerning the Amtrak conductor Angelo getting his cheek stating, “Joeeyyy Babbyyy” while declaring he took a trip countless miles on Amtrak.
  • Biden extolled gas rates being down a couple of cents a gallon in the last pair weeks.
  • Biden incorrectly asserted his Build Back Broke program would certainly lower rising cost of living.
  • Biden asserted American moms and dads need to park in the car park of a convenience food dining establishment so their youngsters can make use of the net so they can obtain their research done.


Biden failed to remember the name of the Kansas City Mayor minutes after fulfilling him on the tarmac.

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