Biden Preemptively Nominates Obama to Supreme Court

Democrats always cheat to win elections. They collude with Russia, suppress voters, and gerrymandering their districts in order to get more votes. In fact, they are so confident that Biden will win the White House that they’ve already chosen a Supreme Court Nomination. They have nominated none other than the villainous Barack Obama to fill a spot on the Supreme Court.

Never before in American history has a person nominated someone to the Supreme Court without having been elected yet. At best it’s collusion, at worst it’s high treason. This nomination proves that Democrats don’t care about the rule of law, and will do whatever they want to further their power.

We interviewed Joe Barron, a constitutional scholar at the University of Harde-Knox about the legality of this nomination:

“Well it’s very clear that this nomination won’t hold up in court as it never happened. How can you even ask me about this? It is a work of fiction. Why are you wasting my time with these silly questions? It can’t happen. Are you asking me about the what-if? Well, then it wouldn’t hold up on Court either. But Biden can just wait until after he wins the election and the same result will have been achieved.”

There you have it. Biden has clearly broken the law, and as such, is no longer eligible to run for President. Republican Senator Ben Dover said that he will “launch a probe into this dark hole of deceit”. That can’t be good news for Biden, as he is already losing in the polls. It looks like Trump is a shoo-in for reelection now.


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