AOC Proposes Work Requirements for Seniors on Social Security


At a speech to donors today, communist Congresswoman AOC proposed work requirements for senior citizens to receive Social Security benefits.

“These people need to stop living off the public dole without contributing anything meaningful to society. They need to contribute! Us younger generations are tired of supporting this generation that does nothing but complain. They constantly tell us how easy we have it, yet they are the ones living the easy life and not even having to work. This will be the first step in our plan to completely eliminate Social Security. We hope to have it all gone by 2024. We will use this money to fund free tuition to liberal arts colleges.”

Republican Senator Joe Barron responded to the remarks:

“She is absolutely bonkers. Senior citizens have worked hard their entire life for these benefits. They paid into the system and they are entitled to getting out what they put into it over a long career of hard work.”

Democrats are constantly trying to take away welfare programs for the vulnerable of society. This shows how they prey on the weak to further their agenda. You never see Republicans going after these programs. Republicans stand up for the weak and the poor. They defend the principles of social justice against Democrat selfishness.

It is important to vote for Donald Trump in November as he will defend your social security. Time and time again he has said he is against cuts to Social Security. Donald Trump is a champion for the rights of senior citizens.


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